I am very pleased by the diligent and professional work that Jude and her team of workmen and craftsmen have done to my home in Tucson.  Jude's knowledge of the plants indigenous to our area have made a great improvement to my  home and neighborhood.  I would recommend her services highly.  

Thomas Lavery

As a Canadian, I come to my home in Tucson to enjoy the sun as well as the unusual and breath-taking landscape of the areas surrounding the Catalina mountains. I also enjoy the local flora, including the greenery and colors that are typical of this area, many of which remind me of the lush green Canadian landscape. Jude took my very plain, dried out patio garden and, using her sharp designer’s eye, her vast knowledge of the local plant life and her keen plant selection skills, transformed  it into a lush and beautifully little mini oasis in the desert! My family and I are extremely pleased with the outcome of Jude’s work. It is not only a joy to experience the new patio garden now, but I fully expect, that as the plants and shrubs mature, it will become increasingly more beautiful over many years to come.                                                                                                                                                      Rolf Reininghaus

'Beautiful Spaces' is aptly named!  At Raging Sage Coffee Roasters, before Beautiful Spaces, we were looking pretty straggly and unkempt, and our patio, though it was brimming with potential, looked downright pathetic!  Jude's thorough knowledge and artistry totally transformed the outside of our little place.  It is beautiful now, and Jude plants seasonally and keeps the plantings maintained.  I love everything Jude does!  It is a true joy!  Thank you for 'beautifying' our little place! Our customers love it!                                     

​Julie Sliker, Owner, Raging Sage Coffee Roasters

The transformation of our garden and patio under the creative guidance of Jude DiMeglio Trang was nothing less than magical.  We couldn't have imagined the possibilities of our own property without her unique perspective and expertise.  Not only is she a highly competent professional, but we have never worked with anybody who put more effort into a project.  She is a woman of high integrity and we recommend Jude without reservation.                                                        Aldine von Isser and Harold Grieve