Mid-town 1940's home with large lot and two yards. We opened the wall between the yards, repaired and widened old brick  walkways, created a cacti and succulent garden with a pathway, and added a circular patio for table and chairs.

​Ventana Canyon - old compacted soil and random plants in front and back brought to life with new rock wall, soil, and plants for specific areas such as the butterfly/hummingbird garden in back.

Mid-Century design hidden behind years of overgrowth - cleaned up and refreshed with new paint and door

Projects: Before and After

1937 Joesler with native, adaptive, and old world plants happily thriving together.

This central foothills home, where there is little soil and an abundance of rocks, had masses of boulders and decades of miscellaneous plants that were visually distracting. We cleared out the clutter, used the rocks and boulders for decorative accents and a stunning wall that created a beautiful backdrop for new trees and the elevation change. Mixed Jasmine and Wisteria vines on a custom arched trellis will add a feeling of coolness and old world charm. Deep blue will replace the orange paint in the entry.