I offer consultation, design services from concept to final drawings, and some installation.  I arrange proposals for irrigation, hardscape, and maintenance from trusted local contractors, along with total project coordination to assure that your landscape truly becomes a Beautiful Space.

About My Work

Growing up in Tucson, I have always had gardens in my life.  My grandparents were from England and Italy and, along with my parents and siblings, were lifelong gardeners.  

I love the Sonoran Desert and the amazingly diverse type of plants that not only live, but thrive, amid the scarcity of water and in the extreme temperatures.  As a desert dweller, just like plants and animals, we learn to adapt and thrive.

Learning which lush plants do well with low water use and alongside native plants has been a life-long adventure.  I love vines, roses, and irises and need their beauty in my life - and my gardens.  Traveling to Europe and visiting their splendid Old World gardens is one of the things I enjoy most.  I also love mid-century and modern architecture and the challenge of blending these elements with plants that thrive in the Sonoran Desert.

In creating Old World Gardens for the Sonoran Desert, the 'hardscapes' are just as important as the plantings.  That is, the design and use of rocks, walls, trellis', iron work, etc. I utilize many local artisans who customize their work for each client's garden to give them the look and feel they will cherish and enjoy for a lifetime.